Back in college, I was very active and athletic, and pretty happy with my body. I went to UC Berkeley and frequently swam and played basketball at the RSF. After college, because I loved the area so much, I lived in Berkeley for 3 more years. I continued to frequent the RSF, often spending hours a day there. I didn't own a car and biked everywhere.

After moving to Silicon Valley, I no longer had the opportunity to get as much exercise because of the sedentary job and difficulty in finding other people interested in playing sports together and places to play these sports activities. Consequently, I gained a lot of weight and was putting my health at risk.

One night, a few friends were hanging out together, and someone suggested that we shoot some hoops at a nearby basketball court. I had recently moved to the area and lived there for three months, but I never knew these courts existed! These courts were amazing--really clean and smooth outdoor courts, well-lit at night until 10pm, and in a very central, safe, and accessible location.

With my declining health (huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf after running up a flight of stairs) due to weight problems and difficulty discovering nearby exercise options that didn't require a gym membership (exercise machines? boring), I decided to make this site. This is a labor of love and I really want to make this the best possible experience for everyone who visits the site so that together, we can enjoy healthy and fun sports while meeting new people and friends.

Jonathan Tsai
Founder of Pkkup.com
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