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A Pkkup Game ("game") is a pickup sport game or activity (e.g. basketball, ultimate frisbee) that takes place at a given time and place.

Pickup games usually happen spontaneously and with strangers, so creating, searching, and discovering Pkkup Games on this site is a great way to enjoy the pickup sport activity without dealing with the hassle of organizing the event using traditional means.

The default setting for Pkkup Games is to be public.

For public games:

Most of the Pkkup Games on this site are public games, in the spirit of Pkkup. Feel free to find and discover local pickup games and new locations to play them.

For private games:

I haven't written this help section yet, but it's similar to private groups.


A Pkkup Group ("group") represents a group of people who play pickup games together. A player may have many groups, because he may have several separate circles of friends, e.g. co-workers, classmates from school, leagues, weekend pickup players, another city.

Pkkup Groups can be used to facilitate organizing pickup games and provide a means for communication within that group.

The default setting for Pkkup Groups is to be private.

For private groups:

  1. Pkkup Groups should only be visible from a game page, but should not otherwise be listed publically on the site.
  2. Anyone can request to join a group.
  3. Any member may invite others to join the group
  4. Only admins can approve requests to join a group.
  5. Only admins can edit group info or remove users from a group (or a user can leave on his or her own).
  6. Only admins can add other admins.
  7. The group creator is the default admin.
  8. Admins may not demote other admins, but they may remove themselves from a group

For public groups:

Public groups exist, but are not well-supported yet.

Currently, only Pkkup staff can create public groups.
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