Frequently Asked Questions

This is the FAQ page, where I respond to (what I think are) the most frequently asked questions. For more information or assistance, you can also try visiting the Help page or submitting .

What is a Pickup Game?

According to Wikipedia, a pickup game or "pick-up game is a [sports] game that has been spontaneously started by a group of players."

Games like basketball, for example, require several players (10) to have a real, full-court (5-on-5) game.

How do you play a Pickup Game?

Rules differ from location to location and vary by the groups of players. For some suggested guidelines, check out the Rules page.

Why the name Pkkup?

I wanted an easy-to-remember name, and decided to go with a fun spelling. I tried for a while to find a domain name that wasn't taken already, and eventually settled on this one.

Does it cost anything to use this site?

No, this site will always remain absolutely 100% free for finding and organizing pickup games. In the future, there may be additional features like an online store to buy athletic equipment, corporate sponsored events and tournaments, etc. But it will always be free for players.

Why use this site?

I love playing basketball. A lot of my friends love playing basketball, and would not mind driving 45 minutes just to play a couple of games of competitive pickup basketball.

But, have you ever gone out to a court expecting people to show up, but they never do--and you end up just shooting around by yourself? Or you play 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3, 4-on-4? It's just not the same thing! Or ended up with an odd number of players? Or you showed up, and there were so many people there such that the wait was 3 games down?

This site aims to solve those problems. It's created FOR pickup basketball lovers, by a pickup basketball lover (who also understands the pains to finding and organizing games).

Where can I download images of your logo?

The logo was created using HTML and CSS only. You can see various logo sizes at the Logo Showcase, and take screenshots.
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