These are not really rules per se, but more like guidelines for playing pickup games. Although pickup games have fairly similar rules everywhere, each location and group of players will play with distinct rules and nuances. Be sure to find out what they are from other players who are more familiar/regular.

Before Starting

  1. If others are already playing, ask "Who has the next game?" If no one does, you can "call" the next game--be sure the teams currently playing know that you have the next game.
  2. If you have next game, you can pick up a few other players who are also waiting with you to join your team to play the winner of the current game.
  3. If someone has already called the next game, ask if he already has a full roster, or if you can join.
  4. It's generally bad etiquette, and sometimes not allowed, to pick up players who arrive later ahead of those who are currently waiting. If you have friends coming that you would like to pick up and you have called the next game, you can let the others waiting with you know that you're saving a spot for your friends. If your friends arrive before the next game starts--then, great! If not, they will have to wait for the next games.

During the Game

  1. At the beginning, agree on a scoring system and how to win, i.e. what point values each field goal will be worth, the total score you're playing up to, and whether it's "straight up" or "win by 2."
  2. Be respectful to one another. Play with good sportsmanship, and call your own fouls.
  3. Respect the call. If someone makes a bad call on a suspicious play that could have gone either way, just pick one team and give the other team the next disputed call.
  4. On field goals, there's no need to wait for the other team. On turnovers and fouls, check the ball in before inbounding to make sure the other team is ready.
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