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I have been playing street basketball in different states since 1986. I've made an impact on every pick up game I have ever played in, on all different levels.
From The first level I experienced in basketball was in 1993 when I had a tryout with an NBA team that I will not disclose; at the time unfortunately there was a mixup in my arrangements to go for the tryout and unfortunately I missed the plane .This was the beginning of a lot of basketball I played in the streets all across America . When I played basketball oversees I was exposed to different languages . Growing up on the mean streets of New York City, I was born the baby boy out of three brothers and one sister. I had to learn how to navigate playing basketball as the smallest person. I developed a jump shot,so I very rarely got the ball so when I did, I had to make it count. Than I worked on my handle ( dribbling ). As I got bigger I started working on my low post game. Than I started working on my passing, defense and rebounding. Some of the most important assets a pickup basketball player must have.

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